Hilos Tensores Silky Line (PEAK-COG type)


Special thread for nasal remodeling without surgery.

Absorbable thread designed with advanced technology. Provides satisfactory and adequate solutions for skin rejuvenation and lifting effect.

They are used for skin revitalization and firmness in areas of the face and body. They can also be combined with other types of threads.

PEAK-COG Tensioning Threads type of Biolife Estetic

Volumization and local firmness. Remodeling of the chin, jowls and neck. Fibrosis surface greater than in monofilament.

Benefit of the lifting effect thread Immediate effect.

Ideal length and thickness for nasal treatment. No incision or scar.

Less traumatic than an implant. Ultra thin wall and electrolytic polished cannula.

Benefits of the lifting effect thread

Natural effect Increase and straightening of the nasal bridge Remodeling of the nasal width.

Better effects combining with other filler treatments.

Effects Skin rejuvenation, tension and revitalization. Immediate lifting. Wrinkle tightening. Contouring on face and body. Ultra thin walls of needles and cannulas. Smaller diameter needles and cannulas. Special electrolytic rectified cannula. Minimal damage to blood vessels and skin. Coating with special technology. Minimal resistance during insertion. More ergonomic design for easier insertion.


Diameter – Size – Wire Size – USP
19G – 40mm – 70mm – 2

19G – 60mm – 150mm – 2




  • Bidirectional and 4 dimensional spiculated thread.
  • Ultra fine wall and electrolytic polishing.
  • Type L cannula High quality resorbable threads.
  • Optimum design of spiculated threads.




  • Rational use in aesthetic medicine



FORMAT : 20 units (2 units in 10 sachets)

Hilos Tensores Silky Line (PEAK-COG type)



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